POISONPC - Premium Boutique PCs


We believe in future-proofing and creating absolute toxic value.
We believe in PCMR and Poisoning.
We don't believe in Sub-$1000 builds. (they only serve to waste your money).
At PoisonPC, we believe in nothing but the best.

After all, go big or go home.
(with a spanking new PC from us)

We do

Premium parts

No Generic Brand B.S.


Stretch yourself.
and your money.

Understated Unicorn Puke.

Puke on.
Puke off.

Brewing in progress

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PoisonPC is Official Launch on 25th September

PoisonPC is Official Launch on 25th September

Hello every common Plebs! We are 3 guys’s, they call us the Toxic trio’s but we are awfully honest in our builds and every build we build with passion! PoisonPC came about when...
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